September 2013

Australia to Abilene – Part 3

I could write 20 more posts on the lessons I am continuing to learn as a result of my summer in Australia, but for now, I will end with number five and the promises God has been reminding me of for the past few years. It’s a tough reality to face when you realize you can never f
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Australia to Abilene – Part 2

Last week, Type-A-Anne-Marie typed out the titles of each lesson she was going to share with y’all in the next few weeks, but the two lessons (switching to first person) I’m sharing today were not on that list. Though it was a painful process of submitting to the minuscule
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Australia to Abilene – Part 1

It has been 26 days since I returned from Australia, and I feel like I am just now being able to adequately communicate what I learned and what the Lord did this summer. I haven’t gone a day without being asked those two questions, and I’m happy to say my answers have gott
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