May 2014

Home Base

The last two days have gone so well, and the prayers we have sent up have resulted in blessings being showered down. Many of us on the team have related to multiple people here and have really solidified those relationships over the last two days. Just a few examples… Caroline c
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This is a quick blog.

Hello! We are really tired so we will just hit you with the quick highlights of the day! Conversation at the cafe this morning went really really well. All the people who came were so eager to share their lives with us and to listen to what we had to say in return. Chris and Stephanie
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This morning we went to speak English with university students at one of the local colleges near Wowel Castle. There were three 90 minute classes, during which we had several conversations about various topics, including crime, beliefs, pets, parties, dreams, etc. It was interesting s
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Lots of thoughts

Six months ago a lot of us didn’t think we would be spending the second half of May in the center of Europe. Three months ago we knew we would be coming to Poland but we didn’t know what exactly we would be doing. One week ago we knew we would be coming and what we would b
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The Night Before

Hello Everyone! We are gathering our things together and getting ready to take of on a 11:15 am flight to Poland tomorrow! We will be traveling for a total of 24 hours. It is exhilarating to experience the privilege of getting to go out and share the Gospel with people not our own. Pr
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