May 2015

Mongolia – Day 5

This is our last day here. We spent the day meeting with the national leadership team and spending time with David, the missionary.  Oh yes, we did have a very successful souvenir shopping trip, too. It’s been good, but it will be great to come home. Thanks to all you faithful p
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Mongolia – Day 4

We were looking forward to worship this morning as Shirley and I sat at breakfast. And then the power went out. Our rooms are on the 12th floor of this hotel and even if we attempted the climb we would not have been able to get in because of the electronic keying — so we sat in
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Mongolia – Day 3

We’ve just wrapped up two busy day of ministry. Friday morning Shirley and I joined about 40 ladies – all either wives of pastors or pastors themselves – on an hour and a half bus ride to a conference center in the mountains outside Ulaanbattar. (Yes, there are women
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Blessings from Poland!

The team has been a “painting machine” at our church for the past 2 days.  One church is very thankful for their hard work!  Two of the ladies are planning a homemade lunch for them tomorrow…………as a surprise, to express their thanks. Tonight they ar
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Mongolia – Day 2

We arrived safely and almost on time last night at midnight. Flights were good – 12 hours from San Francisco to Seoul. We had a wonderful surprise when we got our boarding passes for UB in Seoul. It was a short night and not very good sleep, but Shirley and I met to go down to b
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Mongolia – Day 1

We arrived safely but very travel-weary after a nearly 36-hour journey.  Thursday has been a welcome recovery day as we finalize our presentations for the conference of pastor’s wives and the first sessions of teachers’ training. It’s a gorgeous day with the temperat
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