November 2015

Home Sweet Home

Houston!!!! No pictures tonight because we feel a little “worn.” – and I’m having dengue fever symptoms. It was a grueling return trip but we just have one more leg to go. Into San Antonio at 9. I will post more this week but let me take enough time right now t
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Last Day of Teaching

49 community college students from age 13 – 22. What a day! And then time with the teachers. It was a good close to this journey. We are now all packed up and ready to leave for the airport at 10:00. Flight leaves at 2:45 am Saturday. 30 hours later we land in San Antonio. The f
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We Want More

Auto Rickshaw time! To and from our teaching today, an exciting journey down crowded streets…sometimes going the wrong way! The training time was very special. 10 staff members of a pre-school who also reach out to young teens and parents. They gave the students holiday today to
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Laughter is Medicine

Laughter during training is acceptable – even necessary! At this moment, we were talking about attitudes and choices. This group’s explanation of a ‘negative’ person was quite descriptive! The staff of this particular organization were a delight to work with
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Oh My Soul, Oh My Soul

My very soul rejoices tonight! After 1 day together I feel that I have new sisters. We had a delightful day discussing “Learning To Teach” and “Moving Forward From Trauma.” We laughed and we cried together. A relationship has begun that will continue to grow. W
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