Door of Hope

Kate on July 23rd and 24th

Okay- this is going to be an interesting process, but I’m starting from day 1 of being in Africa and I’ll work my way back! July 23rd and 24th It’s 7:23 on Saturday night. I can barely keep my eyes open I’m so tired from our journey here to Johannesburg. I am such a wimp. I’m laying u
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Kate’s Blog: “She Has Begun the Journey”

Kate Aten, one of our two missionaries to Door of Hope over the next couple of weeks, is blogging about her adventure.  You can find that blog at  Thanks, Kate!  We’ll look forward to your posts!
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About Door of Hope in South Africa

Our first missionary to the Door of Hope orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa recently returned.   Our second team will be serving there July 23-August 6.  Here is a video about Door of Hope, so you will know how to be praying: Please pray for safe travels and for lots of “Go
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