God’s Faithful Servant

Sarah (far right) is a delightful and helpful assistant on this journey. Here she is working with several students on an assignment. Her language skills (Karen – kuh-Rin, Burmese, Thai, English) are very helpful, along with her keen eye, servant spirit, and ability to remind me
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Hope or Despair?

This is just a small portion of the camp with 50,000 refugees. It is spread across the mountains. Little bamboo houses with tiny walkways between. Bare necessities – or not. Day to day survival. What pushes the spirit to keep pressing forward? Forward towards what? Very little h
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A walk in the camp

Cello bags of water hang from poles.  The houses in the camp are built of bamboo and are very close together under the trees. Fire is a deadly hazard. Bags are filled with water in preparation for that event and are located quite frequently through the camp. After a long walk through
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Teaching in the Classroom

Teaching in bare feet and sweat running down my face – it’s the new trend! What a wonderful day. Some of you were praying because I slept very well last night and had full strength today. 65 students with open hearts and minds. The highlight of the day was the presentation
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Our sweet little home.

This is our little home for the coming weeks. (Notice the bananas hanging? Clever, right?) Bucket bath is the new shower. Hot is spelled HOT & HUMID. So we are extremely grateful for a fan in our room. And for sweet little beds they gave us rather than mats on the floor. Today we
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Lead the Way

We needed to go through immigration and claim our bags in Bangkok and then recheck to Chiang Mai. I knew it was going to be close but could do nothing but trust God. When we got off the plane, we saw a lady holding a large paper with our names on it! (I secretly have always wanted tha
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