Great things happening today in Kiev. First we spent the morning handing out flyers for the eyeglass clinic and quickly filled the 85 appointments we had for the day. It was a tremendous success! Then we had a lady from the church camp that attended the Prayer conference and the Marri
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God is Good

The last several days have passed in a blur and I have missed updating the post. Kathy did the prayer conference very similar to the Daniel Henderson conference we had at First Baptist several months ago. Ksenia (Pastors daughter) was so excited because she never heard the people in t
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The Holy Spirit Moves

Working hard at keeping the kids busy while Lamonte and Heidi Nelms and Felix Caballero work on the prayer conference and marriage conference. You can feel the Holy Spirit moving throughout the campus and people’s lives are being changed. There has been a lot of emotion and shar
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Spent the evening with this Pastor and his wife as they told us what it was like being a Christian during the time of the Soviet Era in Ukraine. His father assassinated and the family persecuted. They were both alienated and pressured to forego the Lord and his word by the system. Whe
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God’s Love

Had a wonderful church service this morning at Pastor Olegs “Church of God’s Design”. We gave a testimony and a sermon about Adam and Eve to get them ready for the marriage conference that starts tomorrow. You can feel the love and dedication they have for the Lord.
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Excitement is Building

Not much happening in the airport in Amsterdam at 6am. Waiting to load for the last leg of the trip. Team is a little tired but still feeling good. Excitement is starting to build as everyone is getting ready to hit the ground running! Ending the evening visiting with the Pastor of Go
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