San Antonio

England and the United States of America

It’s often said that England and the United States of America are two countries divided by a common language. Indeed, their diction carries on the rich and storied history of Europe far more than ours does, and their system of government still contains the vestiges of monarchy, while
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Stepping Out

…And then he said, “Step out of the boat.” What a request this Pastor Bryan was telling me! Step out onto unfamiliar territory? Maybe I will; maybe I won’t. This is by far one of the scariest things we as Christians have to do in life; to trust God and to trust that he will guide us t
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Meet Your 2013 England Mission Trip Members

     In order from left to right: Top Row: Hannah Anderson, Felix Caballero, Orlando Casteñeda, Keilah Duran, Nora Frost Bottom Row: Robert Haston, Garner Richardson, Holly Semones, Jake Taylor, Nastassia Wells
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